Hello World

Published: June 22, 2020

What better way to commemorate my new blog than to preface my first post with 'Hello World'?

In it's early inception squib, the static site generator powering this site was nothing more than a joke. Weeks prior I had written crunchwrap, a mustache-like templating engine implemented in pure Bash. At the time I was convinced I could write a static site generator under 100 lines of code leveraging crunchwrap. That quickly spiraled out of control as I became infatuated with recreating a 'feature complete' experience rivaling Jekyll or Hugo. I know this isn't a realistic expectation considering writting a project of this scale in Bash is like riding a bike with no handlebars, but I love challenging myself with stupid shit like this.

As of time of writing squib is still incredibly rough around the edges. It's missing basic features like tags and pagination, but it has potential. I'm excited to see where it takes me.

As for the blog I'll be covering a hodge podge of topics that interest me:

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